Saturday Linkaround

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Schadenfreude: Dem Civil War Moves Beyond Nancy Pelosi

Party Crashers Run Over Marine Hero in Pickup Truck & Fracture His Skull at Coming Home Party

Reminder: The ADL Has Dishonestly Smeared Glenn Beck Before

Secret Ballot Protection Wins Big in Four States

Cody Alicea Gets Motorcycle Escort

Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA

Warning to Reid on Lame Duck Confirmations

‘Refudiate’ Now a Real Word; ‘Corpseman’ Still Not

The Two Most Dangerous Men in America?

Obama Policies Force Another 700,000 Seniors to Switch Health Providers

Rule Five Roundup*:

Polish Singer Introduces Bikini Politics –Support your local Gunfighter

Rule Five News –Camp of the Saints

Rule Five Friday –Mind Numbed Robot

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup –Pirates Cove

Friday Night Babe –

Facebook: Man Gets Four Months In Jail For Revenge Posting Of Ex-Girlfriend Naked (NSFW) –Pat Dollard

‘I Want to Change the World and Help People Solve Problems’ –Jammie Wearing Fool

Vintage Babe of the Week – Bettie Page

Kayla Collins bikini shots is cut out of I’m a Celebrity –Last Tradition

Friday Pinup – In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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2 Responses to Saturday Linkaround

  1. robot says:

    Proof! Thanks for including Veronika. She was getting lonely and needed some company.

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