Proof Positive Beta Site

Hi! This is the Proof Positive Beta Site. It is not yet ready for Prime Time. I’m still learning how to use all the widgets in WordPress and make sure I have at least all the functionality I have now at Blogger. So, some of the stuff you see here may not work yet.

I am updating this site with new posting, but for now, the legacy stuff (and guest bloggers) will be at Proof Positive.

I am working on the Unified Field Theory of Proof Positive, but until that breakthrough, any and all confusion will be self generated.

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2 Responses to Proof Positive Beta Site

  1. bobbelvedere says:

    I think you’ll find WP a lot more functional and fun to use – I did. Good luck.

  2. Thanks! I’m sure all the bugs I’m working out are a result of my not being able to find the “Any” key!

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