Saturday Linkaround

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TSA Groping and Obama’s Black Revenge Narrative

Unscripted Questions And No Teleprompter Cause Our President To Look Befuddled

Democracy: Use It or Lose It

A Lost Thanksgiving Lesson

Report: Clinton and Obama Pulled ‘Bait and Switch’ on Netanyahu

Bankrupting America

Sarah Palin: A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States…

Polling Numbers Point to Obama’s Defeat in 2012

‘Year of the Pro-Life Woman’

Obama and Holder and Their Massive Failure to Think

Thank Heaven for Victor Davis Hanson

Department of Homeland Security cracking down on Internet?

Rule Five Roundup*:

This Week’s Sign Of The Apocalypse –Support your local Gunfighter

Rule Five News –Camp of the Saints

Veronika Zemanova, Christina Aguilera –Mind Numbed Robot

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, Tori Black dancing –Pirates Cove

Friday Pin up -Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Friday Night Babe – Cobie Smulders

Vintage Babe of the Week – Lucille Ball

Bikini babe Nicola McLean –Last Tradition

With special thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit for this week’s Instalanche, and Memeorandum and Linkiest for the link love, and everyone else that linked this week. Thanks!

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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4 Responses to Saturday Linkaround

  1. htothedizzle says:

    Remember, you can vote once a day, everyday until January 1st!

    Hi! My name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest. I know you don’t know me but the winners are chosen by the public and if the public doesn’t know they need to vote…well, you guessed it, no one votes! Could you take a moment and look at my photos and decide if you would vote for me or not? Thanks! Here’s the link, could you pass it along?

    And by the way, there are over 1000 of us trying to get to those top ten positions. I would urge you, if you don’t think I am top ten material, to scroll through the small icons to the right of mine and pick one of those ladies! One little click of your finger can help make somebodies dream a reality! Thank You!

    And special thanks to datechguy at for voting for me and linking me!!!! Maaaawww! And another big Maaawww to who linked me also!

  2. robot says:

    Instalanche!? Wow! Great job my friend. Which post?
    And thanks for the links!

  3. bobbelvedere says:

    Congrats on the ‘lanche! And thanks for the link love.

  4. The “Instalanche” came from “A Tale of Four Tax Cheats”. What further surprised me was some of the types of forums who were also linking that post as a result. I had gardening forums, investment forums, even a sports forum linked to it as a result of the Instalanche.

    God bless Glenn Reynolds!

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