What About THIS Guy??

I am in the enviable position of not envying anybody. You look up at the top of the page and see that beautiful Bugatti in the banner this week, and one might be tempted to envy. I do wonder, in passing, what kind of disposable income one must have to have one of those in one’s multicar garage. It’s like the old joke:

I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant.

What do you want an elephant for?

Oh, nothing, I just want that much money!

If I bought that Bugatti, the minute I drove it home, I’d have to tear down my house and garage, maybe buy out the two next-door neighbors so I could build a house and garage worthy of it. But, I like my house, and my car and my neighbors, so no real desire to buy the car.

Dave Letterman used to have a bit, “What about this guy?” In the days before selfies and photobombing, he’d take a picture of someone famous and zoom in on some poor schmuck in the background, minding his own business while unbeknownst to him, someone was taking his picture.

So I’ve been thinking about my contentment with my lot in life, I make a comfortable living. I’m not lottery winner rich, but that was due in part to some lifestyle choices I’ve made, where quality of life was more important to me than making lots of cash. That, plus the fact they tell me you have to actually buy the lottery tickets before they let you win. Bummer!

I live in a nice house, mostly paid for, in a quiet neighborhood. My health is reasonably good. I’m a decent cook. I have plenty of free time to do as I please. I have five wonderful kids. Life is good.

And then I was watching TV the other night and said to myself, if I was going to be envious of anyone, it would be this guy!

His name is Troy Garity. (I had to look it up) He stars in an HBO series, but he’s not the lead, so the pressure of carrying the show is not entirely on his shoulders. He didn’t have that many lines, so not a lot of memorization. And then, there’s the working conditions. You can see the grueling conditions the man has to work in. Still, I’d be tempted to take one for the team…

But not that much. I don’t really want to change places with anyone. Not Brad Pitt, not George Clooney, not Troy Garity. Not POTUS, or SCOTUS, nor PM or MP, or MVP. Just not that appealing.
I’ve been me a long time. Might be open to a few minor changes here and there, but nothing major.

Still, I wonder if Mr. Garity needs a stunt double??

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